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This program was developed and created by theatre director and social justice consultant Rebecca Haley Clark. Rebecca is the Director of Education of Santa Cruz Shakespeare and is a product of an education in Santa Cruz City Schools. She has directed internationally in New York, Brazil, and the UK, including a residency at Shakespeare’s Globe in London. Rebecca holds an M.F.A. in Classical and Contemporary Text in Directing from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and a B.A. from Columbia University in Drama and Comparative Ethnic Studies. She also received a Fulbright research grant to study Shakespeare and race studies in Rio de Janeiro. www.rebeccahaleyclark.com


As we come through the many socially disruptive events of the past few years, it has become even more critical to re-evaluate the relationship with Shakespeare in our schools. We will bring to the classroom a Social Justice and Shakespeare series that integrates the expression of Shakespeare's language, a critique of his works, and defined learning objectives, that illustrate how applicable his works can be to the most important lessons of our time.


Santa Cruz Shakespeare presents the opportunity to complement the teaching of the works of the Bard by incorporating supplemental topics with a laser focus on social justice. Our goal is to empower students to take Shakespeare “off of his pedestal” and feel confident in amplifying their connections and contributions as they relate to his works.


Our program brings a highly qualified teaching artist to engage your students by bridging the gap between Shakespeare's work and a modern context through the lens of specific social justice topics. We will encourage students to make connections between the plays and their own lives through guided discussions and activities, in order to make Shakespeare more relatable and allow them to better understand the language through practice. We will also focus on the broader impact of production specific choices through exploration of professionally performed and recorded scenes from Shakespeare's plays.


For an additional investment, we can offer a fully customizable experience for your students.  Working together with our facilitators, we will tailor our existing curriculum to fit your classroom's specific needs. Such a session could include a customized classroom event, in-person (or virtual) facilitator led workshop, assistance with your in-school productions, or a truly unique program crafted through our collaborative efforts.


If you are interested in learning more or would like to bring this program to your classroom please contact Rebecca at education@santacruzshakespeare.org.