Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

The Tempest

In one of his last plays, Shakespeare explores the relationship between art and magic, power and anger, and freedom and forgiveness.

Twelfth Night

One of Shakespeare's most popular plays, this romantic comedy uses gender and performance to engage audiences with questions about the nature of love and desire.

Comedy of Errors

Lesson plans and resources on one of Shakespeare’s earliest comedies!

Julius Caesar

Shakespeare writes about leadership, friendship, and morality and how far one might go if one's motives are strong enough.

Romeo and Juliet

Get the low down on Shakespeare’s most iconic love story, details, lesson plans & activities!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A very creative and original play, Shakespeare intertwines the lives of fairies, lovers, and mechanicals in this magical romp around the forest!


In Shakespeare’s bloody classic, medieval Scotland plunges headlong into chaos, where no head is safe, least of all one that wears the crown. Who has earned the right to rule, and who will be undone by grasping at power?